Fun Facts about Stainless Steel

3 Fun facts about Stainless Steel that you most likely did not know.

Stainless Steel is not Stain Proof

Stainless steel is made to resist corrosion and oxidation, giving it the ability to resist blotches and rust. When stainless steel is exposed to oxygen and moisture it produces a thin film of oxide essentially repairing itself. Yet as the name suggests stainless steel isn’t impossible to stain. The protective film will over time break down leading to corrosion and pitting. Cleaning stainless steel will ensure it has an adequate supply of oxygen to assist in protecting itself.

Stainless Steel Soap

Stainless steel is sold in the shape of a soap bar. The material does not kill germs or bacteria as would regular soap however due to sulfur compounds in various substances the stainless steel is able to bind and reduce the odour.  Rubbing the bar after being in contact should reduce the odour of garlic, fish or onion.

Stainless Steel can be recycled

Majority of the steel in the world can be recycled and stainless steel is included. The end of life cycle ratio of stainless steel is 80% to 90% leaving not much to waste. On average most new stainless steel items contain 60% recycled content.


Stainless Steel Soap Bar