10 Fun Facts About Copper

10 Fun Facts about Copper.

Copper Coin

  • The Atomic symbol of copper is Cu and it has an atomic number of 29.
  • In 1857 the largest single piece of copper weighed 420 metric tons.
  • Copper was used by ancient people as it is one of a handful of metals found in its native form.
  • Pure copper melts at 1084.62 degrees Celsius.
  • On average a standard car contains 19 Kilograms of copper.
  • Copper can be fully recycled with no breakdown of quality.
  • Copper has high water corrosion resistance making it ideal for ship markings.
  • Copper tools are used when working with explosives as they do not spark.
  • Copper is a naturally antibacterial.
  • Copper is alloyed with zinc which is how brass is made.


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